1. 'Palms on Fire' are one of those bands where the best song is indefinable. The consistency this band delivers make them an appealing listen and I often find myself in a ‘Palms’ mood, craving the sublime audioverse they create in their records. On the first record ‘EP #1’ the second ‘EP #2’ and the latest release ‘Call Me’ the songs sit like concrete. There are no weak points, no Achilles’ heels.

    I have chosen this song in particular as I am addicted to the playful guitars and the way they make me feel, how they tickle my inner child. The duel parts work together complimenting but never quite agreeing; there is something very natural sounding about that concoction. The mechanics of this song (as with all ‘Palms on Fire’ songs) are intellectual, well-planned and subtle. 

    The drummer captures a certain energy, one I find akin to a large fluffy dog bounding towards me, happy as Larry wanting no more than just a flipping good play (maybe some mud rolling). They have a big sound that’s bursting with energy.

    Then there are the vocals; they sit within that ‘unique and effortless’ vocal category. I find them….

    gentle: they slip through the lips with little effort, seemingly riding atop a breath.

    believableShe sounds like a real person; I can imagine roughly how she looks, her age, I maybe even have (I feel I have) a shot at approximating her personality traits.  

    This creates an intimate and a therefore personal listening experience.

    The bands latest release is available here: http://handsandarms.com/3227-palms-on-fire-cdrep-call-me.html

    To support the band and for updates: http://www.facebook.com/palmsonfire

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